Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mid-October Harvest

Today I worked in the garden removing old plants from my raised beds. Lots of plants were starting to wilt and die back. The Sweet baby watermelons, cantaloupe, and cherry tomatoes were the ones with the most wilt, so I harvested the fruits from them. Here are some pics of what I harvested today. The best part of this experience was just being able to grow my food and the ability to go from garden to table. The immediate satisfaction of it.

I was only able to get one cantaloupe, but it was the sweetest, most aromatic cantaloupe I have every had in my life. Simply amazing. Will definitely grow more next year. This sweet baby didn't develop so much, it broke off the stem before it could finish developing on the vine. Would have been great I'm sure.

Sweet Cherry Tomatoes!

Baby Mesclun lettuce & bell peppers.

Gift to my neighbor

Growing green beans was very rewarding. Do grow at least six plants worth of these. I only planted three seedlings, not enough as I was only able to make sauteed green beans twice. I could have went for more...always next year.                                                                                                  

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