Friday, November 2, 2012

Robot Costume

This Halloween was like no other. I made a costume I never thought I could or would do, but it turned out so very cool. With a little time and recycled material, I was able to create a cute little robot costume for my son. He thought it was amazing and he wore it excitedly everywhere. We got a lot of smiles and joyful expressions from this costume. People thought it was cool and loved that it was homemade.

My little robot.

This is the back of the costume, complete with rocket boosters. Made out of Pringle canisters wrapped in fabric. The clip on light came in handy at night. Bicycle helmet covered in foil to finish the look.  

Rocket Boosters!

Dryer vents for arms (you can buy them at Home Depot). I added a tire pressure gauge to help make the costume look more dimensional. The gadget dials were a download that I printed out and glued to the front, same with the Dre 3000 tag.

The box was actually a wine box that has been recycled two times. Once as my son's high school graduation card box, and one final time for this project. The box was cut down the back and the neck area was cut in a u-shape. My son loved putting this on, his eyes would light up every time. I think he felt like a transformer.

If you want to make this: 
- Find a box that fits your child's body
- Silver Metallic spray paint
- Grey fabric duct tape (for comfort and finishing the look)
- Dryer vents
- Serrated knife for cutting the box
- Strong glue- E-6000 (use in ventilated area)
- Recycle any thing you want for rocket boosters. I used Pringle containers, but I thought even water bottles, or 2-liter soda bottles would work just as well.
- Pull together anything around the house you're not using or about to throw away, spray paint and glue it on! We had a blast putting this together. So much fun!


  1. great job on this costume Anabella! i know it was a lot of work but it pays off when Andre loved it..

  2. Anonymous10/13/2017

    Annabella, I am not a social media person, but I came across your site while looking for a homemade robot costume for my 4-year old grandson. I love it. I love it because it doesn't look cumbersome. And using a covered bicycle helmet for the head makes it more comfortable and safer than using another box, and you still get the feel of being a robot. Would you, please, give more detail on how to make the body. Especially on making the back so the costume is easier to put on and take off. Thanks.

    1. So the back is basically clipped closed with a binder clip or two depending how many you need. You can use gray ones to blend in with the costume. Let me know if you need more details. Best, Anabella

    2. Thanks for stopping by, so glad you liked the costume! We had a blast making it for our little guy.