Sunday, November 4, 2012

Apple and Cheddar Meat Pies

I recently ran across this recipe in my Bon Appetite magazine and decided to try it out. Surprisingly, they were a success. I know because, these bad boys didn't even last a full day in my house! At first I was a little turned off by thought of putting this combination together, but it worked out tastefully and were yummy to eat. Try it and you won't be disappointed.

Here's what you'll need:
- One Gala apple diced
- One Onion diced
- 2 cups Medium cheddar cheese
- 1 pound ground beef
- Store bought Pie Crust- name brand preferred

- Start by sauteing the onions at low/medium heat, cook till translucent.
- Then add the ground beef and cook till nicely brown. While browning, season the meat with salt and pepper (to your liking). I added some red pepper flakes, a little garlic powder, and a dash of cumin to season my meat. I don't like bland ground beef.
- Remove from heat and let cool. 
- Add your diced apples and cheddar cheese and stir into the cooled meat mixture. Here's what it will look like... 

Put the filling into the ready made pie crust rolls. Fold them in half, press close with a fork, and bake them at 425 degrees for 20 minutes or until golden brown.


  1. my gosh Ana! I never knew that you posted this? I need to read blogs everyday that I follow! Thanks for posting this, I will surely try this one day.

  2. Anonymous2/28/2015

    I saw the Bon Appetite article online and wanted to try this recipe, but the details were too scant. I googled for similar ones, and found the exact recipe here. Thank you for the step by step instructions and the great pictures!

    1. So glad I was able to help with the details. I too found it a little difficult to figure out from the Bon Appetite article. Thanks for commenting! Best- Anabella

  3. So the apples weren't too crisp? I'd think they'd need to be pre cooked a little first. Thanks for posting this. I too saw the Bon Appetite and was curious to try it.

  4. Hi Lisa,
    No, they weren't crisp at all. I think it has to do with the the size you chop them into. I diced mine so when they baked, they came out soft.
    Thanks for inquiring!
    Best, Anabella

  5. How many pockets does this make, how many boxes (of two crusts each) of store-bought pie crust do I need?