Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year's Eve Gumbo

I meant to post this on New Year's Day, but didn't get around to it. However, I still wanted to share. Gumbo on New Year's Eve has been a tradition for my husband and I for fifteen years now. I can only thank my lovely mother-in-law for making it for us over the years. I have watched her make it time and again, and I have almost perfected it. I don't think I can ever make it quite as wonderful as she can, she has a special hand.

I guess you can call what I make a combo version of gumbo. It contains chicken, seafood, and sausage. I don't really measure when I cook so it will be hard for me to write out a recipe, but I'll try to soon. When I eat this, I transport to another place and time. I can almost picture myself eating my gumbo on a porch overlooking a river somewhere in the Bayou. This is comfort food that feeds the soul. You have to put this on your bucket list of foods to eat, at least once a year.


  1. I want to eat this gumbo! Look at the huge crab legs in here... I love that you put chicken, sausage and seafood. The broth must be amazing! It's really nice to have a tradition like this that you look forward to every year. :)

  2. Nami- you are right, the broth is amazing! I do look forward to making this every year. I will update this post with the recipe so that you can try it. You would love it. I will make it again soon and this time I will be sure to take down notes as I go so that I can capture what I do. Thank you for commenting and I will ping you when I have it updated!!!